Wednesday, February 27, 2008

cotton brain made me do it

i have been blogging with astounding frequency due to 1) the fact that northern voice 2008 gave me a blogtastic kick in the pants, and 2) i potentially have a virus - the only symptom of which is giving me cotton-headed blurry brain (possibly acquired at the geek show). brace yourselves for some fuzzy-headed nonsensicalness, cause here she comes.

this is gonna be random and i make no apologies. because apparently fuzzy-headedness gives me license to do whatevs. so there. i've been thinking about nicknames, partly due to the idea of being "cotton" or "fuzzy" headed, because i was in fact once known as popcorn head.

yeah, yeah. i know it is ridiculous. but so is having a mother that perms your hair when your like 6. sorry ma. i know perms were in. and that i probably even requested them. just like i requested getting kinks (tem)permanently permed into my cheveux (do they still do that? i might like to get that done now since it was denied me as an 8 year old. poor me. seriously). so popcorn head was the result of having ridiculously blond hair that was permed into very. tight. curls. it didn't stay with me long. about as long as "jack-o-lantern" (a play on my name), and lynn, which i insisted being called whenever playing house. it was my alter-ego. lynn was a kickass preteen who could take care of doll children and drive a car. ah, to be lynn again.

the only name that stuck with me for any length of time was ducky. it was a nickname bestowed by a close friend in highschool who misheard my grandfather calling me, thinking he was actually saying ducky. i liked ducky. it was like, "oh isn't that just ducky." kinda like bad and good all in one. and now jacks. jacks i like. but it emerged from a bastardization of the nickname beefjacky. that's right. all meaty and hard to swallow at the same time. that's me.

so even though no one ever answers my questions (e.g., to douche or not to douche - and i don't care if you all have lives and don' have time to comment on my ramblings - keep in mind i am an attention whore who requires attention to live. it's like superman and whatever the opposite of kryptonite is for him. you know what i mean. don't pretend you don't), i am going to ask about your nicknames. the good. bad. and the ugly.

i'm gonna log off now. partly due to the fact that i have no idea what i just wrote and partly due to the fact that i have no idea what i just wrote.

thank you for your attention.


Shells said...

From one cotton brain (CB) to another, let me first say that you use the CB to your advantage. It brings out the quirkiyou (it's a word, I swear) that we all know is at the centre of your core.
Nicknames I hated: Anything that rhymed with Shelly (Belly, Jelly or combinations thereof - you do the math).
Nicknames I loved, Shady (lovingly bestowed upon me at birth by my not-quite 2 year old sister who couldn't say 'Shelly Dee' [if you laugh at Shelly Dee, I swear I'll kill you]). Sometimes I shortened it to Shay and called myself by that name when I wanted to be cooler than 'Shelly' allowed.

Nicknames that make me want to throw up a little because I used to love them: "Little Bear" or "LB" which my ex used to call me in a 'too cute' kind of voice that can not quite be seen as endearing retrospectively.

Nicknames that I have learned to embrace: Shellsbells, Shellbells. Only because the cool kids called me that and sometimes being loved by the cool kids makes you love strange things.
You asked. I delivered. ;)

jacks said...

thanks Little Bear. you're always there for me when i need it. ;) (sorry. couldn't. resist.) and i thought you LOVED shellsbells. it is an invention of my own making. quirkime and everything.

Ty said...

i've had a few nicknames, but the one that stuck for the longest was holmfry. i earned this amalgam of my name and the fry guy (of the mac d commercials of the 90's) by thieving various savory food stuffs from my college roomates.

i've since developed a pretty hardcore sweet tooth, and while the handle has been retired my "roomate" has a pretty tough time scoring any recently acquired desert items before i scarf them.