Wednesday, February 13, 2008


i am officially ridiculously excited about northern voice 2008! as i presenter, and an attendee, i get to do fabulous things like attend the kick-off dinner and meet super cool bloggers (in case you didn't know, blogging the coolest thing ever. EVER). i am especially excited about going this year as an actual blogger and not just as a pseudo-techno-genius. we even get to read our favourite blog entry at an open mic held at the dinner. super coolness.

i have a request for my dear blog readers - will you vote for your favourite of my blog posts so i can bring it along to read? much thanks and appreciation (i may, of course, elect to ignore any suggestions that are 1) embarrassing, and 2) embarrassing). your interactive participation is greatly appreciated and it makes me feel loved and the like. so in the spirit of pre-day v-day love, VOTE!

speaking of valentine's day, i have a few things to say. one is that, on the facebook status recommendation of a friend, i went to see ang lee's new film lust, caution. i kinda adored it in its heart-wrenching, in-appropriate love kinda way. like brokeback, it was unbelievably beautiful as a visual experience, and as a story of compelling characters (the lead woman, wei tang, actually acts more through facial expression than words - a feat in and of itself) who have achingly uncomfortable interactions, both physically and emotionally, it was breath-taking. unconventional love is lee's forte and i love it. love. it. can i have a job as a film critic now? please?

speaking of "unconventional" love, i am particularly excited about speaking at NV 2008 about online dating after valentine's day. my hope is not only to adequately transform my work into something that a non-academic audience cares about and finds relevant, but also try to transfer what i have learned through my research into practical advice. that advice is going to centre around three mains themes methinks: what to expect if you have not online dated before; how to stay motivated to continue the "work" that inevitably comes with pursuing dates online (and how this is differently "gendered," that is, how it is different kinds of work for men and women seeking heterosexual relationships); and what the "dos" and "don'ts" are for both men and women. sounds fun, no?

finally, i am super excited and intensely privileged to be spending another v-day with my love without whom, i'd not know how much love is akin to true happiness and joy.

and i swear to god, if anyone says anything about v-day being about hallmark cards, i'll die.



Beth said...

And don't forget that you get to meet super cool wicked awesome people at Northern Voice!

I'm just sayin'.

jacks said...

oh yeah - and i also meet the kick-ass-iest people AT NV as well! are you going to the thursday dinner? say yes - that would be wicked! also, you forgot to vote for your favourite of my posts - if don't have feedback from you, the alpha blogger, than who can i look to? depend on? huh?

Shells said...

I vote for "Lists" and "sweet, and preggers, sixteen" because both same are funny, interesting and let you shine through! and you can't possibly go wrong if it says 'you' all over it!

jacks said...

i officially feel loved shells bells - thanks for your vote! (i was thinking of sweet, and preggers, sixteen as well!).

Shells said...

Is this the part where I get to say I feel UN-loved because no one commented on my blog? ;)

jacks said...

i heart your blog so sorry for any lack of commenting. as you can see, i have some lurkers who refuse to comment but i'll get them my pretty. i will.